Editor’s note: It is 17 News’ usual policy not to name alleged victims of sexual abuse. In this case, however, Walton is publicly revealing her identity to raise awareness of what she sees as a broken system.

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Over the last two days, 17 News and Kern County officials have received hundreds of emails calling for justice for a woman who said she was sexually abused when she was 15 years old.

According to the emails, Kauri Walton’s alleged abuser, Miguel Acosta Castillo Jr., was already a registered sex offender and is still out on bail. The trial has yet to reach the courtroom.

The hundreds of emails that flooded many Kern inboxes said Sunday marked four years since Walton first told her mother about the sexual abuse she says she experienced.

Lauren Skidmore from the Bakersfield Alliance Against Family Violence and Sexual Assault said sharing a story of abuse is rare in the first place.

“A lot of these cases and a lot of these traumatic events go unreported,” Skidmore said. “They stay behind closed doors and unfortunately individuals have to cope with their trauma by themselves.”

Skidmore said many survivors of sexual assault go through the five stages of grief. Although she couldn’t speak to Walton’s situation specifically, Skidmore said an experience like waiting to re-live an abuse in court can make recovering even more difficult.

“Each survivor goes though a huge emotional internalization of what is happening, so there is a big emotional toll that leads up to the court case or having to face your abuser again,” Skidmore said.

In this case, Walton has been waiting four years for that court date. Assistant District Attorney Joseph Kinzel told 17 News the trial has been postponed 12 times at the request of the defense attorney. He said the Kern’s DA Office has objected on multiple occasions.

In an email to 17 News, Walton called the delays a huge failure of the justice system.

Kinzel said the trial’s start date is ultimately up to the judge, not the DA’s office.

Skidmore emphasized there is help available for those affected by sexual abuse.

“We have numerous services including domestic violence shelters…we also have therapy for children ages two to 17 and then we also have adult counseling,” she said.

17 News spoke with Walton’s mother for half an hour, but she did not want to speak on camera.

The trial is now scheduled to start Thursday.

Click here for a list of resources from the Bakersfield Alliance Against Family Violence and Sexual Assault.