BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Caught on camera. People abandoning their pets in Northeast Bakersfield.

This act is a crime and is considered an act cruelty towards animals.

The owner of the northeast Bakersfield home, Lindsey Murphy, has lived there since March but she’s seen multiple dogs get abandoned in the area.

The neighborhood just north of the Four Seasons Recreation Center has a nickname neighbors call the “dumping grounds” because people dump their dogs and leave.

“It makes me sad mainly because animals don’t have a voice for themselves so when people discard them like that they’re pretty reliant on us to take care of them,” Murphy, a Bakersfield native, said.

Animal shelters are overcrowded. There are times animal control can’t take any more abandoned dogs and they’re left on the streets until room opens up.

“During the holiday season rescues of adoptions take a break so we aren’t able to send as many animals up north,” Matthew Buck the shelter director at the Bakersfield Animal Care Center said.

According to shelter staff, the Bakersfield Animal Care Center has been overcrowded since things started opening back up since COVID. Now with the holiday season things are expected to get worse. The staff is asking everyone to adopt, and not shop for pets.

“Puppies aren’t Christmas gifts, they’re commitments,” Buck said.

“It is our responsibility to go and get our dogs spayed and neutered that way we’re not overpopulating Bakersfield with all these animals and that’s what’s been happening,” Murphy said. “You see the repercussions of that by dogs getting dumped, by dogs getting euthanized a crazy extent in the shelter because there is no room for them.”

If you see any animals getting abandoned call law enforcement because that’s a crime. Then call Bakersfield Animal Control at 661-326-3436.