Here’s what $33 million gets a school district in Oildale

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – When the Standard School District decided to build a new elementary school, they didn’t just play around.

They took $33 million authorized by Measure S, which the voters of Oildale passed overwhelmingly five years ago, and designed a handsome new building on the footprint of the old structure – on time and under budget. It has new, more secure classrooms, a bigger library, and a STEM education center – which is still waiting for most of its equipment.

They celebrated the grand opening of their high-tech building in low-tech style Friday, with those giant scissors.

Standard School District Superintendent Paul Meyers said the school board increased the number of classrooms to 42 in order to improve student-teacher ratios and allow the kids to make up for learning loss worsened by the pandemic.

“This whole building had to wait until the demo happened,” Meyers said. “Well, we didn’t demo (as planned). We were going to do it over a two or three year period, but when COVID hit, and kids were distance learning, we thought, What are we waiting for? Let’s move. And we rolled the dice.”

It was a good day at Standard Elementary. The kids got out of school at noon and the staff members who stuck around were beaming with pride.

This is an elementary school with a few impressive alumni – singer Merle Haggard and writer Gerald Haslam in the ‘50s, former Disney chairman Dick Cook in the ‘60s, and literally thousands of successful business owners in the years since. 

“This is the result, five years later, of the community’s commitment to the youth of Oildale,” Meyers said.

Those are the people who helped pass Measure S  and give humble little Oildale an elementary school it can be proud of.

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