BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Newly-released audio captured in the wake of the Jan. 6 insurrection features Bakersfield Congressman and House Minority Kevin McCarthy telling fellow lawmakers he would urge then-President Trump to resign.

The audio, which was obtained by MSNBC from the authors of a new book, was recorded four days after the Jan. 6 riot.

With a second impeachment looming, McCarthy said he was planning to call Mr. Trump and recommend he resign with just days left in his term.

“The only discussion I would have with him is that I think this will pass, and it would be my recommendation you should resign,” McCarthy said. “Um, I mean that would be my take, but I don’t think he would take it. But I don’t know.”

McCarthy’s own words contradict his denials earlier in the day, initially calling a New York Times report that he had planned to ask Mr. Trump to resign “totally false and wrong.” Rep. Eric Swalwell said overnight that McCarthy has lost his credibility.

We wanted to know: Has Kevin McCarthy lost his credibility?

With over a thousand responses, more than two-thirds said, yes, McCarthy has lost his credibility.

He is a politician so … no matter the side of the aisle … the question is moot.

Michael Vaughn, Facebook user

Eventually Mr. McCarthy will have to acknowledge his own words. I don’t think he is going to get out of the flames of the Mar-a-lago dragon by blaming his words on the media or liberals. That line of reasoning probably won’t satisfy the dragon.

Michael Largent, Facebook user

We’ll see when the votes are cast. Doesn’t matter what anyone thinks that’s not in his district.

Adam C Lambert, Facebook user

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