BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Greenlawn Funeral Homes is partnering with Mayor Karen Goh for a Day of Healing this week recognizing the loss of loved ones, jobs and more during COVID-19.

The event will be held on Thursday at Greenlawn Southwest, located at 2739 Panama Ln. It will include a brief ceremony, after which guests will be able to write notes with a loved one’s name or a message about their loss and place it in a time capsule in front of the Celebration of Life Center. 

Mayor Goh and other local public officials will attend the Day of Healing, Greenlawn said. 

“The loss of a loved one during these past 13 months has been particularly painful,” said Greenlawn President Jim La Mar. “Besides the fact that it shouldn’t have happened to begin with, the pandemic has put severe limits on a family’s being able to come together at a funeral for emotional support. So with the mayor’s encouragement, we’ve set May 6th as a day to grieve as a community.”

La Mar said the memorial will be a permanent fixture at the cemetery and that he hopes to be able to add additional personal notes to the time capsule over the coming months.

“Events like these are meant to acknowledge the pain and allow those in grief to move forward. Whether burying a loved one, or symbolically ‘burying’ a beloved memory, it’s so important to the healing process to share one’s loss with others,” he said. 

For more information, call Greenlawn Southwest at 661-834-8820.