BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A day dedicated to beautifying Bakersfield. The organization Keep Bakersfield Beautiful worked with thousands of volunteers throughout the morning clean up the city.

The Great American Cleanup hosted by Keep Bakersfield Beautiful had thousands of hands cleaning up the city.

It takes a team — and a big one. This team had thousands picking up trash and planting new trees.

“We have close to 2,000 volunteers out here today as you can see behind us,” Brooks Douglass the chairman of Keep Bakersfield Beautiful said. “We planted 71 trees today over at Bakersfield College.”

Volunteers worked to clean up hotspot areas across Bakersfield. These volunteers weren’t just kids, but also adults, parents and community leaders all working to making our city beautiful.

“We came over to the event to play with the kids stuff and set it up,” Mario Nevarez a volunteer with the Great American Cleanup in Bakersfield said. “We also picked up trash in the area so obviously when you have people coming in here we wanna make sure we have everything cleaned up so they can see exactly what this is about.”

After the morning work, volunteers came to Yokuts Park to celebrate. Porkchop and Bubba’s BBQ catered lunch, awards were handed out and families got to enjoy the rest of the evening with each other.

“It’s been amazing. Having the people come back,” Douglass said. “Kids and adults, young and old helping out give back to the city, take pride in the city it’s beautiful to see and they’re from all over. It’s just great.”

Volunteers packed hundreds of waste containers full of thousands of pounds of waste across Bakersfield resulting in a more beautiful city.