BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — What if there was a way that babies could speak to you before they even talk?

That “what-if” is actually a reality.

From the typical “I want more food, I want juice, I want milk”— how is a child able to convey these thoughts before they’re verbal? They’re thinking these things but are unable to show you them without crying or frustration.

Until: now.

Children at the Learning Experience in Bakersfield learn sign language as a part of their curriculum. Children under 2 years-old are signing what their needs are.

“We teach the little ones, ASL, which is like water eat all done more, all of the little things where they can start communicating with their parents at home and here as well,” according to Alicen Leon, a T.L.E. Toddler Aid Teacher.

Sign language in children aids their communication skills while growing up. Typical toddler tantrums are usually caused by them not knowing how to communicate their needs.

“We started noticing the sign language here and there at home. And it was just insane that my ten-month-old was now telling me exactly what he wanted through sign language.

And so we kind of started picking up on everything that he was doing and being able to help him in the ways that he really needed help,” said Autumn Strode, a mother who has her son enrolled.

Sign language can be taught to babies as young as six months old using the baby’s hands and motor skills. Essentially, taking the frustration out of the equation.

“There are things that we don’t even know that he’s saying that he’s telling us. And I’ll tell my husband, let me go ask his teacher what that one means, because he’s even doing things that we never thought that we would know,” Strode explained.

To find out more about The Learning Experience, visit their website.