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Q. Many registered voters say they haven’t received their sample ballots yet. Aren’t they supposed to be sent out before October 5th, when the real ballots were sent?

A. Mary Bedard says the county does attempt to mail out sample ballots before beginning vote by mail. But it’s not requirement.

She says the elections office began mailing sample ballots early last week, but they’re still mailing them out. Keep in mind that kern has over 200 ballot types which equates to over 200 sample ballots all going to over 400,000 registered voters. A majority has already been mailed, and the final batches will be mailed today and tomorrow. If you don’t want to wait to receive your sample ballot – you can find all it’s information, along with candidate statements on

Q. And what about the state’s voter information guide?

A. Well some county residents may have received their guide 10 days ago- but the state only finished mailing all the guides a few days ago, so some voters may receive them in the coming days.

Q. Is it illegal to vote in a city that you don’t live in?

A. Bedard says voters need to be registered where they currently live. But it all depends on your intent to return to a city you previously lived in. If you see your current residence as a temporary living situation – then you dont need to re-register. This is mostly seen with college students who are temporarily away from home, but return when school’s not in session. Their legal residence is still their parents’ home. But anyone who actually moves to a new residence cant remain registered at a former residence.

If you find any problems with your ballot or if you have any questions, send an email to perlashaheen@kget.Com or call the station at 283-1717.

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