BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – Fourth of July local celebrations took over the night sky across Bakersfield.

Across Bakersfield, firework shows lit up the night sky with assortments of shapes and colors.

Seven Oaks Country Club show had families line the streets. Another packed show was at the Park at the River Walk in Northwest Bakersfield. For some people it was their first time.

“This was my first time here at the River Walk for the Fourth of July,” Laura De La Cruz a Bakersfield Resident said. “I thought it would be great that Kern County puts on a show for all of us here.”

The show had hundreds of fireworks prepared and displayed for thousands of people.

“We’ve got hundreds and hundreds of shells,” Ed Dorsey, the assistant manager of Dignity Health. “All kinds of designs and all kinds of colors.”

Families also celebrated at home in their neighborhoods.

However, illegal fireworks could be seen across the city. These fireworks included any that shoot off the ground. Using a ladder to give height to a firework is also against the rules.

But at the end of the day, many celebrators said they appreciate being an American and feel grateful to have many freedoms by living in this country.

“It’s special,” De La Cruz said. “It’s special to be an American and have those freedoms.”

Kern County Fire Department and the Bakersfield Fire Department are going to release all the data on fires, injuries and confiscated illegal fireworks in the coming days.