BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Founder’s Day for KGET is a day when our station gives back to the community.

Every year, we choose a nonprofit to have our team work with. This year, we’ve chosen The Mission at Kern County.

The Mission at Kern County feeds hundreds of people every single day and for Founder’s Day our team will join them in its goal of bettering the community.

The Mission at Kern County is a local nonprofit that’s been around for decades. They help feed needy as well as provide transitional housing and programs for those on the streets.

“This is our 70th year. We’re celebrating 70 years this year,” Carlos Baldovinos the executive director at The Mission at Kern County said. “Traditionally when it started back then it was about just homeless services. Basically a soup kitchen.”

The Mission at Kern County is estimated to make at least 200,000 meals a year for people in need.

“On a daily basis we serve about 300 meals per meal,” Yolanda McNeill the kitchen supervisor at The Mission at Kern County said. “So we do three meals a day so that’s about 900 meals.”

That’s a lot of food and with that requires a lot of preparation and cooking. All of which comes from volunteers every day.

“It can be very chaotic,” McNeill said. “We don’t have a set group of ladies that comes into help out but when we do it’s pretty much you know whatever we get is who comes in and helps out.”

That’s why 17 News chose the Mission at Kern County. They need all the help they can get.

“We serve three meals a day every single day so we do not stop,” Jacquelin Carroll the volunteer coordinator at The Mission at Kern County said. “We are serving not only the homeless shelter here but we’re serving families that can not provide a meal that day.”

Our team will be out on Friday, June 17, to work with The Mission at Kern County.