A former KGET reporter is now traveling the world and bringing attention to the refugee crisis in Europe.

Annie Di Grazia returned to Bakersfield Friday to showcase her new documentary “Asylum Seekers: Moria” at the Idea Hive in Downtown Bakersfield.

Di Grazia spent months living alongside thousands of refugees on the Greek island of Lesbos, just four miles off the coast of Turkey.

It’s a place that used to attract tourists but is now a camp for refugees impacted by war.

“When I go to that camp, I had no intentions of shooting a documentary. It only took a couple days for me to see that inhumanity every day, to see 7,000 people living in a space meant for 2,000,” Di Grazia said.

“To see feces, children playing in feces, playing in garbage every single day. For them not to have running water, and I put myself in their shoes and what would I want? I would want someone to be my voice. That’s why I feel my job as a journalist internationally is to be a voice for the voiceless.”

Di Grazia will be back in Bakersfield in two weeks to give a presentation at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.