BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Health inspectors found no health violations at Foothill Donuts on Morning Drive after finding a roach infestation earlier this month.

During an initial inspection on Oct. 16 health inspectors with the Kern County Public Health Department inspected the business and found a roach infestation. At that time the business received an inspection score of 62%.

The business was inspected on Oct. 19 and no violations were found and the business received a score of 100%, according to the Kern County Public Health Department.

During the initial inspection on Oct. 16, an active roach infestation was found in the kitchen where doughnuts are prepared, according to the health department. The operator of the business continued operating during the infestation.

Roaches were seen exiting a hole due to decay during the time of inspection, according to health officials.

Health officials say all walls, floors and ceilings must be in good repair within 30 days from the routine inspection.

During the initial inspection, the operator of the business was unable to provide adequate pest control reports and food safety certificates.