BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Friday, the Bakersfield Police Department released a video addressing a social media post accusing an officer of covering his body camera lens with tape.

The post contained photos of the taped-over camera with the officer’s name, J. Elliott, and badge number and insinuated the officer was involved in “shady” activity due to the tape.

BPD said on April 1, the officer in question responded to a domestic violence call in the 600 block of 8th Street. The body camera was dislodged from the officer without his knowledge while going through a hole in a fence, according to officials.

BPD said when the officer noticed his camera was gone, he went back to look for it but ultimately couldn’t find it before leaving.

When the missing body camera was turned it, it contained footage of what happened after leaving the officer’s possession.

Video shows someone pick it up off the ground and bring it into a house with several other people inside. The people go on to inspect what it is before realizing that it is a police body camera.

You then can hear one person say, “Hey, j——-,” before the lens goes dark.

BPD said the person who appeared to cover the lens with tape is the same person who returned the camera to the police.