BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A home created by Victory Outreach Bakersfield Southwest to provide shelter for the homeless was destroyed by fire Wednesday night. The tragedy at what it called the “Victory House” altered the lives of all who lived there, leaving them without shelter again.

The Castaneda family, a family of three who led the house, and the four men they were sheltering, were at a church service Wednesday night and returned to see their home caught fire.

It is a night Sylvia Castaneda will never forget.

“You could see the smoke in the sky, and I thought that’s not our house, but as we drove up, we saw the commotion,” Castaneda said.

The only one in the home that night was the family dog, Nala, who made it out.

“I don’t know if she jumped out of a window, but we were like, where is Nala? She came out running from the side. I’m like, ‘Oh My God,'” said Castaneda.

The cause of the fire is under investigation, but Victory Outreach Bakersfield Southwest Pastor Eberardo Sanchez shares this home was essential to the community.

“We’re having to deal with men that are on drugs, that are drinking a lot, they’re out and about, they’re having issues at home and whatnot. And so they opened up the home so they can help some of these guys out,” said Pastor Eberardo Sanchez.

However, the Castaneda family has not given up hope.

“God gives us beauty for ashes, and I come home, and it’s all full of ashes in there. With ashes that are falling from the ceiling and the roof, but I’m just hopeful something beautiful is going to come out of this,” said Castaneda.

The family relied on Victory Outreach during this time and started a GoFundMe to help, hoping that an answer about where they will live next would come sooner rather than later.