Final rounds of county high school mock trial competition wrap up

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – UPDATE: Centennial High School came up victorious to win the 2020 Kern County Mock Trial Super Saturday.

The final two rounds of the Kern County Mock Trial Competition took place Saturday at the Kern County Superior Court in downtown Bakersfield followed by an awards ceremony. 

A total of 16 schools competed in a series of mock trial rounds where students had the opportunity to participate as prosecution attorneys, defense attorneys, defendants and witnesses. 

Jacob Evans is an attorney for the Kern County Defenders Office and is an attorney coach for Ridgeview High School.

“It teaches them public speaking, critical thinking, analytical skills,” Evans said, attorney for the Public Defender’s Office of Kern County. “Also how to disagree with somebody and argue for something in a civil and productive manner.”

Trial rounds, three and four, simulated a case of People v. Matsumoto that was developed by the Constitutional Rights Foundation. The event concludes two months of competition among high schools in the county. 

An award ceremony was held afterwards at East High School awarding the top five team scores and the Honor Court, comprised of the top two students from each school.

Centennial High School was awarded the 2020 Kern County Mock Trial Champions. As Garces Memorial High School came in a close second, Liberty in third, Highland in fourth and Golden Valley in fifth place.

The top two students from each high school were named to the Honor Court. Awarding the best performer throughout the course of the two-month competition.

Bakersfield H.S.- Sidney Frank and Robert Viray

Centennial H.S.- Jill Dailey and Aleyna Young

Delano H.S.- Olga Rodriguez and Anthony Espinosa

East H.S.- Nyssa Combs and Ariel Martinez

Foothill H.S.- Cynthia Valencia and Cindy Espinoza

Fruitvale Junior High- Beverly Gruber and Joshua Botello

Garces Memorial H.S.- Farah Abumari and Matthew Castanares

Golden Valley H.S.- Amariun Tyiska and Gurvir Sidhu

Highland H.S.- Andrew Ramirez and Angel Aldaco

Liberty H.S.- Annalise Spielman and Michael Blaine

North H.S.- Malynn Thomson and Salem Palmer

Ridgeview H.S.- Avneet Sandhu and Tyler Le

Robert F. Kennedy H.S.- Megan Reyna and Brenda Magana

Shafter H.S.- Joanna Heredia and Marco Martinez

Stockdale H.S.- Zara Mubin and Miller McCraw

West H.S.- Miranda Aparicio and Julian Argueta

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