Feedback poll shows some Kern residents disagree with RNC’s potential changes regarding presidential debates

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — In 17 News’ unscientific interactive feedback poll posted on social media accounts, we asked about the Republican National Committee considering a change to its rules that could limit a presidential candidate’s chance to debate.

Any candidate seeking the Republican Party’s nomination would have to sign a pledge saying they wont participate in any debate sponsored by the Commission on Presidential Debates, according to an announcement Thursday morning.

The RNC said it’s worried about moderators selected by the debate commission, and changes to the CPD’s board. The party is seeking a different partner for debates. Ultimately the decision whether to participate is up to the party’s eventual nominee.

The Commission on Presidential Debates said in a statement that its plans for 2024 will be “based on fairness, neutrality and a firm commitment to help the American public learn about the candidates and the issues.”

In an unscientific feedback question, we asked: Should Republican candidates agree not to participate in debates?

“Candidates from both parties should always debate each other that way we kinda know where they stand on issues.”

JW Hokket

“Yes, Yes, Yes! The fewer boring non-productive debates, the better. They never change anyone’s minds anyway. It would be a blessing!”

David Hill

“NO. A debate is between two. If it is one party only, there is not a debate. It is a monologue.”

Louise Stevenson

This is a non-scientific poll conducted by 17 News. It is posted to KGET’s social media sites daily for varying amounts of time at varying times of day. Viewers can vote more than once. It is not representative of Kern County as a whole.

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