BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A new bill being considered in the California State Assembly aims to curb litter from cigarette butts and electronic cigarettes.

The bill would ban filtered cigarettes, disposable plastic holders and mouthpieces, and single-use electronic cigarettes.

However, since most commercially-sold cigarettes come with built-in filters, this bill would essentially ban cigarettes in the state.

The bill passed the state Senate last May, but it’s now in the Assembly Committee on Governmental Organization where it faces an uphill battle.

In 2017 volunteers cleaning up the world’s coastlines picked up 2.4 million cigarette butts. Filterless cigarettes could still be sold under the ban, but health officials worry that they would be even worse for smokers.

Today, 17 News asked: Should filtered cigarettes be banned in California?

“Another dumb law that will only be enforced in the most affluent areas.”

Facebook user Adam

“Prohibiting cigarettes would have the same effect as the prohibition of drugs and alcohol.”

Facebook user Joel

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