President Biden made a surprise visit to Ukraine on Monday. The visit has been in the making for months and comes amid this week’s one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion.

During the visit, President Biden announced $500 million in new aid to Ukraine for ammunition, weapons, surveillance systems and to bolster energy infrastructure.

President Biden will give a speech in Poland on Tuesday where he’s expected to rally international support for Ukraine’s defense.

We wanted to know: Do you agree with President Biden’s decision to send more military aid to Ukraine?

A majority of respondents — 54% — said yes, they agree with the president’s decision to send more military aid to Ukraine. A total of 574 respondents voted in Monday’s unscientific poll.

We cannot afford to continue policing the whole world we have many many people right here in our own country that needs help veterans homeless people mentally ill people our government doesn’t seem to care about them.

Eddie French, Facebook user


Diana Shafford Long, Facebook user

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