Disclaimer: The Respect for Marriage Act also covers interracial marriages. This detail was not included in the original question and responses collected for this story do not necessarily reflect opinions on interracial marriages.

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — It’s gearing up to be a historic day in the senate, with lawmakers poised to pass a bill protecting the right to marry for same-sex couples. The Respect for Marriage Act broadens the definition of marriage to same-sex couples and requires the federal government, regardless of state law, to recognize same-sex marriages, even if the Supreme Court were to overturn its previous decision.

We want to know: Do you support the Respect for Marriage Act?

Love is love. I can think of no reason that same-sex marriage should be banned.

Judy Wilcox, Facebook User

No marriage is between a woman and a man

Jennifer Lancaster, Facebook User

The best way to respect marriage is to mind your own. Your religious beliefs don’t give you the right to make it difficult for others.

Jason B Medlock, Facebook User

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