BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – It’s now been almost two and a half months since 3-year-old Orson and 4-year-old Orrin West were reported missing. Law enforcement is keeping much of this investigation under wraps.

“The facts of the case are still going forward, the boys have not been located and there has been no arrests made,” said Sgt. Robert Pair with Bakersfield Police Department.

But new developments have brought renewed energy to thousands looking for answers.
Most recently, law enforcement searched for evidence in a dirt lot in Southeast Bakersfield.
It’s near the Casa Loma Apartments, where the adoptive parents of Orrin and Orson West used to live.

“This is not the first search that’s been conducted in the city of Bakersfield by BPD during our participation in this investigation,” Pair said. “I expect there will be more searches. There’s been numerous interviews, search warrants, and that will continue until we know what happened.”

Kern County search and rescue went out with more than 50 Bakersfield Police Officers and FBI agents to search the grounds. They brought K9s as well.

“As far as if any items of evidentiary value were located I can’t get into specifics,” Pair said.

Police also wouldn’t say what caused this search party. Many Bakersfield residents have searched for evidence around this area before.

“We’ve been here multiple times, actually,” said Laura Vasquez, Bakersfield resident and search organizer. “Not sure if the search we did was as wide as what law enforcement did, but we did attempt to come out here and a few areas around here.”

Bakersfield Police only recently took over this investigation. Many are looking forward to seeing what they can do.

“They’re skilled at what they do and now it’s time for us to kind of step back and let them do their job because they have the manpower and the resources,” said Rosanna Wills, biological cousin of the two boys. “I really believe they are getting close, I really believe it.”

If you have any information on the boys, call the Secret Witness Line at 661-322-4040.