BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – It was supposed to be a typical stop for fast food for the Kush family, but when their daughter unwrapped her burrito, she found a pill, that closely resembled the synthetic and powerful pain killer known as fentanyl inside.

The Kush Family is still trying to make sense of this whole ordeal after they picked up Saturday night dinner at the Del Taco drive-thru off Merle Haggard Drive.

The family was enjoying their tacos and burritos when 9-year-old Braelynn Kush unwrapped a burrito only to find an unpleasant surprise.

“I took a bite of my burrito,” said Braelynn. “I was about to take a second bite and I found a pill.”

The puzzled 9-year-old alerted her parents.

“Where did this pill come from?” said Braelynn. “I take no medicine or nothing unless my stomach hurts, I told my mom because I don’t know pills.”

David Kush, Braelynn’s father, said a blue pill, indented with the letter ‘M’ quickly raised many red flags as it closely resembles fentanyl pills. In a panic, they dialed for help and first responders arrived.

“We are sitting around the dinner table eating,” said David Kush. “The pill was pressed against the side of the burrito.”

The concerned parents ran a search online, concern grew when search results pointed to a possible fentanyl pill. Curiosity eventually loomed within Braelynn.

“I asked my mom, what does that pill do?” said Braelynn. “My mom told me that people can die from it and I got scared.”

Kush says Kern County Fire Department first responders checked the entire family for any possible symptoms of drug ingestion.

“They supplied us with some Narcan sprays,” said Kush. “They told us about symptoms to look out for that night.”

Monday evening, Kern County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) opened an investigation, and the pill is being analyzed at the sheriff’s crime lab. The Kush family will have to wait a while to know if in fact that blue pill was fentanyl. KCSO says depending on the workload of their crime lab it can take anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks to process that pill.

Public Health spokesperson Michelle Corson provided the following statement:

“Today, our Environmental Health Division responded to a complaint made by a resident regarding a pill found in a burrito at Del Taco on Merle Haggard Drive. Our team conducted an on-site inspection and found no significant food safety violations and they continue to hold an A rating. We refer you to Kern County Sheriff for any follow-up questions as this is an ongoing investigation.”

A spokesperson for Del Taco provided the following statement:

“Del Taco is aware of this situation and is actively investigating this claim. We pride ourselves on food safety and quality and take seriously any claim that relates to it. We have reached out to the guest in question and have not been contacted by any authorities regarding this issue. We are committed to our guests and will continue to take the necessary steps to resolve this matter.”

Many questions are now being raised by the family as they attempt to figure out how a pill could’ve ended up in their child’s food.

“Making a careless mistake like that, you’re going to cost someone’s life,” said Kush. “You never know, they could’ve unwrapped that, thought it was a piece of candy, ingest it and where would they be at today?”

Braelynn is still processing the situation, but for now, the young girl will pass on fast food and prefer home-cooked meals.

“I just want to eat at home and buy stuff from the store,” said Braelynn. “I was just blessed that I am here today, God basically saved me, and I am blessed for that.”