BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Pain and perseverance for one family fighting daily to pick up the pieces following a DUI crash that threw their entire life upside down.

The Joshan family has been in and out of the hospital. Everyone who was inside was injured during a suspected DUI crash that left a white Mercedes ablaze inside the front bedroom of the Joshan family home on Wednesday.

From the 21-month-old baby boy to the grandfather who risked his life pulling the rest of his family out from certain death.

Now, a grim update about the family’s health. The baby facing complications with doctors rushing to figure out how to move forward. It’s not just the baby but his mother, Rajwinder Joshan is also having her own medical issues. Now needing assistance to do most common tasks from standing and sitting to even going to the bathroom. The damage expected to possibly be long term.

“She is constantly in a lot of pain,” Soman Joshan Rajwinder’s sister-in-law said. “She cries herself to sleep at night. She is going to need a lot of physical therapy. Anything physical she will need help with now.”

The father, Princedeep Joshan, now reported to have the same issues as his wife.

“He’s totally dependent on someone,” Soman said. “He can’t sit on his own. He can’t stand up on his own. He needs someone there. He has a lot of pain, a lot of pain.”  

Soman Joshan says even the baby’s grandfather has his own serious health issues but he’s choosing desperately to work at the family own Monte Carlo bar to keep it open. All of them facing intense trauma from that horrific early morning — especially the grandfather who thinks about it every night.

“He tells me like, ‘Soman I cannot sleep at night.’ My dad’s a very strong person,” Soman said. “He breaks down very often now saying he can’t sleep at night you know, ‘I hear the loud bang again.'”

This tragedy happened at the moment Madison Ann Williams’s car plowed through the front of the Joshan family’s home. Williams was arrested for driving while intoxicated. She allegedly blew past the stop sign and crashed into the bedroom where the family was sleeping.

Following the crash their life hasn’t been getting any easier. People have been spotted trespassing onto their property trying to loot what remains. Princedeep’s wallet was stollen. The thieves attempted to use all the cards notifying Princedeep’s bank.

The family is also in financial hardship. They had more than $10,000 in cash, and valuables like watches, jewelry, and collector shoes burn up in the fire.

They need help and the bartenders at the Monte Carlo set up a raffle with donations from local companies.

“It shakes you a little bit as to such kind people having such a tragic incident happen to them,” Sami Miller the main bartender at Monte Carlo bar said. “I couldn’t not do anything. At first it started with patrons offering cash, so I started the cash donations. By the end of the second day, we’ve already gotten enough close to 30 raffle donations.”

The Joshan family’s story is a strong reminder of the devastation driving while intoxicated can have on innocent people.

“One small mistake you know just ruined a whole family,” Soman said.

Another way you can help out this family is by donating online at their GoFundMe campaign by following the link here.