BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — More than a hundred people joined hands and prayed for an oil worker who was injured in a blast Friday that sent him flying off a platform.

He’s had extensive surgery and has more to come.

Family, friends and even strangers all came out to Kern Medical to pray for Leo Andrade’s recovery after he was injured in an explosion as he worked at an abandoned oil well Friday morning.

Leo Andrade had more than one hundred people gather to pray for his recovery. He was severely injured while filling in an abandoned oil well at California Avenue and Easton Drive when a rig blew up and blasted him off the platform. He’s been in and out of surgery.

“To see the full community’s support just meant the absolute world and I know Leo just wants everyone to know God and to know that God is capable of miracles,” Leo’s wife Danielle Andrade said.

According to Leo’s sister Benalia and his cousin Jesus Espinoza, Leo has had a life full of hardships. Two of his three children have died and now he himself has faced extensive surgeries.

“I was surprised to see so many people, coworkers of his, oilfield family that just prayed over him and that’s what we want, people to pray,” Leo’s sister Bedalia Andrade said.

Leo’s family said he’s been a role model for so many not just in their family but throughout the community.

“All the time since I was a little kid like I would remember, he was older than me, I would look up to him and I would be like ‘I want to be like you’,” Leo’s Cousin Jesus Espinoza said. “Every time I see him he’s always respectful.”

Leo’s family asks for everyone to say a prayer for him as he goes back to surgery.

“We just ask for prayers. Endless prayers and to know that he is a good man. He is a selfless, God fearing, loving man,” Danielle said.

Danielle said she’s spoken to Leo multiple time after the explosion. She said they spoke about God and about how her and the rest of the family are thankful that Leo is still alive.

Danielle told 17 News Leo is stable after the extensive surgery to stop his internal bleeding on Friday. Leo has other surgeries for his legs scheduled this weekend.