BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Fall is here and if you feel you’re drowning in bugs, you are not alone.

Pincher bugs are in season from early September through December.

“The pincher bugs, also known as the Earwig, they do have a pinch. A lot of people are scared of the pinch but it’s not too bad as people think,” said Daniel Hernandez, owner of Dans Pest Management. “The best thing we could do at our home is to exclude them. Exclusion works as far as keeping everything nice and tight as far as the doors, the windows. The windows sills as well, making sure there’s no holes.”

One vital thing pincher bugs are looking for is water.

“The best thing to do in our house is to minimize the moisture, the water, watering of the yards, to minimize that,” said Hernandez. “Not to have puddles, like muddy, muddy grasses out there, just enough for the plants and grass to survive.”

Although a pincherbug’s pinch is not venomous, it’s still very annoying. Another annoying biter is the bed bug.

Making international headlines recently for plaguing Paris, Las Vegas and Mexico City. Bakersfield is not seeing alarming numbers, but they’re still out there.

“When it comes to bed bugs the best thing to do is be careful of what you buy. A lot of times people buy used furniture, maybe couches, mattresses, those could introduce them into your home that way,” said Hernandez. “They are growing in numbers because Bakersfield is growing in people as well.”