BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – One community said they were trying to pray and the other said they were trying to make sure their voices were heard outside the Fox Theater Friday.

It all began with a prayer rally led by Pastor Angelo Frazier outside the Fox Theater condemning the selling of drag show tickets. Across the street from Frazier was a group of members and allies of the LGBTQ community.

Many showed up from both sides, either praying or standing in solidarity with the LGBTQ community, but it did not grow violent.

“We’ve simply come out here to pray, we’ve not gotten in anybody’s face. We didn’t ask these guys to come out here and yell at us the whole time we’ve been praying. We’re just praying. Why is prayer so offensive to people?” Frazier said.

But LGBTQ supporter Kayla Bates does not believe it is just about prayer.

“This is more than just about a drag show, this is about human rights, this is about them saying that gay people and transgender people who dress up and present another gender are a bad influence on children and are a danger to our community and they’re neither,” Bates said.

LGBTQ supporter Jai Espinoza agreed and said they didn’t plan to attend but saw the event from afar and couldn’t help but participate. With hopes this would be a step forward toward a path of understanding.

“I love that we can stand here and even though it’s not perfect, It’s a stepping stone. You know? and I hope one day we can just come together,” Espinoza said.

Frazier says as the drag show approaches in December, he plans to have more prayer rallies and hopes it will again be non-violent and about prayer.