BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – An employee of the Fairfax School District says Thursday’s school board meeting left her with more questions than answers about her future.

Pam Padilla has worked for the district for 14 years. She says when the district’s print shop was vandalized, instead of repairing it, the district decided to outsource the work, which meant Padilla was transferred to work in the cafeteria.

“The whole process along the line was not done correctly,” said Padilla. “I continue to be under a lot of stress because there are so many uncertainties with this whole situation.”

Thursday, trustees were expected to vote on a service agreement with ABM Print Shop. Padilla says Superintendent Regina Green abruptly removed the item from the agenda.

Padilla happens to be a staunch critic of the board and its troubled leadership under trustee Palmer Moland.

“The whole purpose was that there wasn’t enough work to keep me in that position,” said Padilla. “Now they’re going to send that work to someone else and it’s going to cost them more.”

17 News attempted to get clarification on what caused the last-minute change. Trustee Virginia Lawson was the only trustee who answered our call.  Lawson says the change was due to “an upcoming meeting with the California School Employees Association labor union”, the same union Padilla is a member of.

Meantime, Superintendent Green confirmed the item will re-appear in a future board meeting.