BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Employees and parents of the Fairfax Elementary School District feel they no longer must wait for Superman. Thursday night, the Fairfax Elementary School District Board of Trustees appointed Lora Brown as its new leader, one who many hope will steer the trouble-ridden district in the right direction.

“We have appointed Lora Brown as the interim superintendent effective immediately,” said Trustee Victoria Coronel. “Pending contract negotiations to make her the district’s superintendent.”

Trustees Palmer Moland and Virginia Lawson were absent. The decision comes days after the district’s board of trustees fired their newly hired superintendent, Dr. Regina Green.

A change in leadership some have been waiting for months.

“The board has the sole decision to hire the superintendent,” said Interim Superintendent Lora Brown. “At the time they made the decision that was best for the district.”

For the last few years, this small rural district in southeast Bakersfield has been getting negative attention in large part due to a split board on key issues as well as scathing reports from county school leaders.

“We know that the person they chose tonight is going to take the district in the right direction,” said Pam Padilla, a Fairfax employee. “The children and the employees of the district have been put through the wringer by the nonsense that has been going on in the last 11 months.”

But the question remains: why was Dr. Regina Green let go? One Fairfax parent has a theory.

“The conflict board members thought they were going to have an ally, I feel, I feel,” said Maritza Pineda. “She [Brown] is the most qualified individual since we were going thru this since last year.”

The conflict trustees in question? Trustees Palmer Moland, Jose Luis Tapia, and Board President Alma Rios. Trustees that parents and employees alike believe need to also head for the exit.

“We have elections coming up,” said we have a new school board member, hopefully, we get new board members and we can get our school going in the right direction.”

Rios, Coronel, and Moland’s seats are up for re-election in November. No word yet if they are intent on making a run to keep their seats.

“If you knew that she wasn’t doing the job that she was supposed to do,” said Pineda. “Then why wait until now?”