BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – If language is a barrier to prioritize your health and wellness in 2022, then one local yoga studio is opening their doors wide open to the Spanish-speaking community.

Evolve Core has created several Spanish language ‘hot yoga’ courses that are set to kick-off in January.

“It makes it more relatable at least for the people in the generation that don’t really communicate 100-percent in English,” said Hecht. “For example, our parents or other people that come from other Hispanic countries.”

Inside the studio, temperatures rise to 104 degrees, this helps with the body’s elasticity ensuring a safer practice.  Plus, many toxins are expelled that live within our bodies.

Co-owner of Evolve Core, Louis Hecht reassures this is a fun, alternative form of exercise where body and mind come together.

“It makes it easy,” said Hecht. “It makes it more comfortable, and more relatable and our members feel like they are part of something.”

Louis ensures that practicing ‘hot yoga’ helps with your mental health since it’s also a form of meditation.

English and Spanish courses are available starting in January, for more details visit