BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Two towers, four stories and 126 one-bedroom apartments make up modular housing project by CityServe, the newest innovation in addressing homelessness.

Crissy Cochran with CityServe says, “Elevate Apartments is really all about providing an elevating living environment for men and women who truly want to live in their given purpose.”

The transitional housing aims to move residents forward by offering a safe, secure environment coupled with support services that include job training.

CityServe Director, Cherese Grell says, “We’re very excited to see transformation in the lives of everyone who is able to walk into this home. You’re gonna see a very different person when they walk out.”

City Serve is celebrating the stacking for tower two dedicated to housing foster youth from 18-25 years old, but housing is full.

Construction crews hope to beat the April 1st, 2024 grand opening by one month because of the plug and play method. Darren Seary, with Optimum Modular Solutions, says the units come ready and crews just need to connect the power, water, and sewage. “Everything is still designed and constructed exactly to the same codes you will see in conventional construction,” said Seary. “In fact, you could argue they’re actually stronger because they’re built for the road.”

The Elevate Apartments build is a first-of-it’s kind housing project in Kern County addressing homelessness, but not everyone’s on board with the project.

Daniel McFadzean lives in the neighborhood directly behind the homelessness housing project and he’s skeptical. “Is it gonna get better? It’s already pretty bad,” said McFadzean.

McFadzean says he was born in Bakersfield. He says his neighborhood directly behind the Elevate Apartments complex is a hidden gem in the city. Now, he’s thinking about moving, and so are some of the neighbors. “It’s an established neighborhood that has never really, shoo, gone down. We’ve always been a fairly nice spot to live and we’re thinking this is going to negatively affect where we live,” said McFadzean.

Elevate Apartments residents go through a screening process to get a voucher through the Kern County Housing Authority for their 18 month stay, according to CityServe.

Housing is currently full, but to get your new apartment, click here.