BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Celebrations are going on across the city. Many of them church services, while others help those in need.

People are celebrating Easter Sunday across the world. Whether it’s with family or friends, at their home or a their place of worship.

Dozens of these celebrations are happening here in Bakersfield.

Easter Sunday had a host of celebrations across Bakersfield. Most of them were church services like ones at Canyon Hills Church, the Blessing Corner Ministries, and St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. But all the services had something in common, a message of hope.

“Our message today is all about the resurrection of Jesus and the celebration of him overcoming the grave and what that means for us, it means that we can now live victoriously,” Nikki Schorr the spokesperson for Canyon Hills Church said.

More than 1,500 people flocked to this morning’s service at Canyon Hills Church, that’s many more than expected.

“Everyone just came out,” Schorr said. “I really think everyone just is ready to get back to normal. Back to what life was before COVID. This was our first Easter Sunday back here in our main sanctuary and people are just really excited.”

Blessing Corner Ministries went above and beyond giving food and clothes to people in need. They also offered sweets, an Easter egg hunt, and arts and crafts for children. They even had a big toys and large prizes too.

“Jesus loves you,” Bonnie Turner the co pastor of Blessing Corner Ministries said. “He sent his only begotten son to die here in your place. It’s not just a death that has yet to occur, it’s already occurred, you just need to answer the call.”