New device helps identify potential DUI drivers

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Bakersfield police are using a new device that can do more to detect if drivers are driving under the influence.

In addition to sobriety field tests, the device called the Drager Drug Test 5000 was put to use at a DUI chckpoint on Union Avenue on Saturday night.

Police say the machine is used to detect the presence of certain drugs in a person’s saliva or fluids in their mouth, but the machine cannot determine whether a person is intoxicated or not. 

Bakersfield police also says it gives officers an indication of what that person may have ingested or what that person may be using as an intoxicant drug. 

“We have the use for it here, we have the use for it whenever there’s a situation that we think that someone’s behind the wheel of a vehicle and is intoxicated by some sort of drug that is illegal or even legal in some cases,” Bakersfield police Sgt. Brian Holcombe said.

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