BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Driving with a tinted front windshield, Alexis Leon told police he couldn’t see a woman crossing the road as he drove in south Bakersfield the night of June 21.

But authorities say Leon committed several crimes in the crash that killed 63-year-old Kuldip Kaur. He left the scene, for one, and police say he also was driving under the influence of alcohol.

Leon on Thursday received a suspended sentence of four years and eight months in prison. Judge Colette M. Humphrey imposed a three-year probation term, the first year of which he must serve in jail. Leon was immediately taken into custody.

The prison term will remain suspended as long as Leon complies with probation terms. If he doesn’t, he could be sent to prison to serve the sentence.

Police said Leon’s Hyundai Sonata hit Kaur on Berkshire Road, south of Panama Lane and east of South H Street. Kaur died at the scene.

Leon admitted leaving the scene, according to reports. He returned and spoke with police, who determined he was under the influence.

A test performed an hour later revealed Leon had a blood-alcohol level of .075%, reports say, below the legal limit of .080%, but investigators alleged his BAC was above the legal limit at the time of the crash and had been dropping since then.

Police said the Hyundai’s tinted windshield likely hampered his vision.

“While on scene, I observed that the front windshield to Alexis Leon’s vehicle was completely tinted, making it extremely difficult to see out of during night hours,” an investigator wrote in the reports. No other cases are listed against Leon on the Superior Court website.