BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Christian Valencia-Madrigal was feeling groggy the night of his birthday after downing three 16-oz. micheladas and a shot of liquor.

He needed an energy boost to drive home, he told police, so he used cocaine then hit the road in the early morning.

Around 12:30 a.m. on May 13, Valencia-Madrigal drove a BMW at speeds between 90 to 100 mph, ran a red light and hit a Toyota Camry at the intersection of White and Hughes lanes, according to a witness statement contained in police reports. The Camry’s driver, 39-year-old David Cortez, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Valencia-Madrigal has pleaded not guilty to gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and drug possession. A small amount of cocaine was in his possession, police said.

The BMW had been traveling west on White Lane when it hit the northbound Camry, according to court documents, the impact knocking the Camry 183 feet from the crash site.

In addition to the witness’s estimate of the BMW’s speed, two officers on patrol estimated the car traveled at least 80 mph shortly before the collision as it sped south and ran a red light at South H Street and Planz Road, the reports say. The officers said they tried to catch up but the BMW turned onto White Lane and crashed before they could reach it.

Valencia-Madrigal suffered a broken leg and cuts to his forehead, documents said.

An officer who rode in the ambulance that took Valencia-Madrigal to Kern Medical overheard him tell medical staff he had drunk alcohol and used marijuana and cocaine, documents said. Valencia-Madrigal admitted to the alcohol and cocaine use to an investigator while at the hospital, according to the reports.

He said he had been drinking with friends at El Chilito on Brundage Lane to celebrate his birthday.

“He advised his friend gave him cocaine to help him ‘drive better’ as he was about to leave the restaurant but still felt ‘tipsy’ when he began to drive,” an investigator wrote in the reports. Valencia-Madrigal said he never heard police sirens or saw flashing lights and only remembered “flashes” of driving, the reports say.

Asked if he knew drinking and driving was dangerous, Valencia-Madrigal told police a friend of his died in a drunken-driving crash several years earlier.

He’s due back in court Aug. 18.