BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — By the time Jose Miranda-Cruz decided to apply his brakes, it was already too late, a prosecutor told jurors Friday morning.

Miranda-Cruz, driving with a blood-alcohol content more than twice the legal limit, hit 93 mph before slamming on the brakes as he lost control, Tara Deal said during her opening statement in his manslaughter trial. The vehicle left the roadway and tumbled down an embankment.

Passenger Edixon Guardado Velasco, 20, died at the scene of the January 2022 crash on Morning Drive at College Avenue in east Bakersfield. Three female passengers were injured.

Deal, noting Miranda-Cruz’s blood-alcohol level tested at 0.20% (the legal limit is 0.08%), told the jury she’ll be asking them to return guilty verdicts on all charges, including gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, DUI causing injury and driving without a license.

Miranda-Cruz, 23, is represented by Deputy Public Defenders Nick Roth and Samantha Sark. Roth asked jurors in his opening statement to keep an open mind and wait until they’ve received all the evidence before drawing a conclusion.

“There’s absolutely no doubt about it,” Roth said. “What happened on Jan. 16, 2022, was a tragedy.”

On that day, Miranda-Cruz and several other young people went to the bluffs to hang out and watch the city lights, Roth said. It was supposed to be a fun evening, but sadly it ended with repercussions for all involved, he said.

But gross vehicular manslaughter involves a specific legal definition, Roth said, and it’s questionable whether the evidence supports that charge.

Jurors began hearing testimony Friday morning. The trial will continue next week.