BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — 17 News talked to Lisa Core in a chilly room down the hall from where she was being held in the downtown jail. She waited by two Sheriff deputies because, as of Wednesday, she is an accused murderer.

Core, 46, said she was driving home on Panama Lane after picking up her prescription medication on Wednesday. The next thing she remembers is being pulled from her smashed car and taken to a hospital. That’s when she heard what happened.

“They wanted to send me to another hospital and I said I don’t want to go to another hospital I just want to go home and the officer said, ‘you killed two people,’ and it was the first time I heard of it,” Core said. “I thought he was lying to me.”

These are Kern County’s 52nd and 53rd pedestrian fatalities in 2021.

She is a chronic drunken driver but now the mom of two is facing two counts of murder for drifting through multiple lanes of traffic, plowing onto the sidewalk and killing a brother and sister Wednesday. Bakersfield Police said Core was under the influence. She says something else.

“I know I had a seizure ’cause I do have seizures,” Core said. “I wasn’t under the influence, I wasn’t drunk. I don’t drink.”

But according to court records, this isn’t the first time Core has been accused of taking the wheel while intoxicated.

She has two previous convictions for driving under the influence in 2009 and 2013.

Core admits to those charges saying she drank to cope with anxiety, depression, PTSD from abuse, but about 8 months ago, she said that all changed.

“I went to a psychiatry hospital, got the help I needed there,” Core said.

Core said the hospital prescribed her multiple different types of medication, which is what she said stopped her drinking and what she was picking up minutes before the fatal crash.

Watch Lisa Core’s full interview with 17’s Maddie Gannon at the Kern County Jail.

“I’m so sorry to the parents. I wish I could give my life for theirs’,” Core said.

Core has two children of her own in Bakersfield as well as a grandson and another one on the way.

She said her fear is not being able to ever meet him.

Core is due in court Friday at 3 p.m. for her formal arraignment.