BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The Block to Block project by the Downtown Business Association and the Downtown Bakersfield Development Corporation started last March, according to the Dowtown Business Association.

The association said the project provides a six-month contract between downtown businesses and O&A Security, providing walking patrols from Wall Street Alley to 20th Street and Chester Avenue to H Street.

The hours were set by the businesses, with half during the day and the other half at night, according to the association.

“With the block to block program, its our businesses that come together in their block and unite and help each other out. They communicate with eachother. They want to be able to have their businesses safe for their customers to come down and the families to come downtown and to enjoy,” Melanie Farmer, President and CEO of the Downtown Business Association, said.

Businesses are now participating in the second phase of the Block to Block project in the Westchester area, with driving patrols around 24th and F Streets, according to the association.