BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Owners of a downtown Bakersfield antique mall say the window at the front of their store will not be coming back after a burglary and instead it will be replaced with something else.

The owners told 17 News they are exhausted by the constant barrage of broken windows in the area and say their windows will remain boarded up.

“We replaced the window with one solid wood all the way through. We’re gonna put a mural or some sort of advertisement on it because we’re tired of just replacing the window all the time,” Bruce Cooper Co-owner of Merry Go Round Antique Mall said. “Now I’m kind of worried about them cutting my gates.”

Cooper says they believe one of the homeless people in the area is responsible for the damages. He says replacing one window in his shop can cost up to $3,000.

The owners of Merry Go Round Antique Mall told 17 News they received an alarm early Tuesday morning, warning them that someone had broken a window at their store.

Owners say they called the police, but after two hours of waiting for officers to arrive, they entered the building themselves and found no one inside.