BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — President Biden kicked off his first visit to Asia as commander-in-chief today.

He’s trying to deal with global security issues while tackling economic challenges facing Americans. As he travels, polls show the President’s domestic approval ratings hit a new low, dropping below 40 percent for the first time since he took office.

After a roller-coaster week, stocks fell into a bear market today, adding to concerns about the rising cost of everything from food to gas prices. The administration is promising better days ahead.

We want to know: Do you think the U.S. is better off now than we were two years ago?

A large majority, 88 percent, do not think the country is better off now than we were two years ago.

How could anyone be better off now with inflation haywire?

Adam C Lambert, Facebook User

Far better. Not perfect, but at least we are starting to recognize the devastating effects of Trump’s white nationalist policies.

Whitney Weddell, Facebook User