BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — President Joe Biden signed a bill Friday that averted a strike among rail workers that could have led to massive layoffs and a supply chain disaster.

Biden’s signature blocks a strike among rail workers that could have stalled the flow of goods just before the holidays. It comes on the same day new government figures show 263,000 jobs were added in November, beating expectations. Meanwhile, gas prices are down 32 cents a gallon over the last month and holiday shopping appears strong.

However, inflation remains near 40-year highs, and economists worry a recession is on the horizon.

We wanted to know: Do you think the economy is headed in the right direction?

Three quarters of respondents said they do not think the economy is headed in the right direction. The poll got nearly 400 responses.

I do not believe the economy is headed on the right direction. Bring back Trump.

Barbara Smith, Facebook user

The fact is companies raise prices. A lot didn’t even have to they just did it because “inflation“ gave them the cover they needed to do it. Companies are making record profits off the back of Americans. Corporate greed is what it is.

Antony Macias, Facebook user

Anyone who thinks the economy is good, obviously hasn’t been to the grocery store recently.

Cary Walker, Facebook user

This is a non-scientific poll conducted by 17 News. It is posted to KGET’s social media sites daily for varying amounts of time at varying times of day. Viewers can vote more than once. It is not representative of Kern County as a whole.