BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Across the country people are mourning the elementary school children and teachers killed in Texas.

Despite the frequency of these tragedies, there’s still no signs of action to stop mass shootings. Efforts to pass new gun legislation have repeatedly failed.

Two house-passed bills aimed at expanding background checks are stalled in the senate. Some school systems have beefed up security to better protect students and teachers, but Texas authorities say armed officers failed to stop yesterday’s suspect, who was armed with an AR-style rifle, from entering the school.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer signaled that the Senate will not rush a vote on legislation to address gun violence, with hopes of giving lawmakers a chance to find common ground on solutions.

We want to know: Do you support stricter gun control measures?

A majority, 58 percent of respondents, support stricter gun control measures.

I’m not holding my breath on anything getting done. Especially in a nation that holds weapons in higher regard than children.

JC Andreatta, Facebook user

It’s not gonna make any difference. People are still gonna find a way to get guns

Alissa Padilla, Facebook user