BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Our nation’s lawmakers are facing renewed calls to take legislative action to prevent another mass shooting.

Democrats are re-energized to pass stricter gun control laws in the wake of the massacre.

Officials say the Uvalde gunman used an AR-15-style rifle that was purchased from a sporting goods store to carry out the attack. The AR-15 and other guns like it have lingered on the minds of lawmakers for some time in terms of their legality.

Some say the weapon has no valid recreational use, and civilians should not be allowed to own them. The gun industry and its supporters, on the other hand, say AR-15s are used for hunting, target practice and shooting competitions and should remain legal.

We want to know: Do you support a nationwide ban on assault rifles?

A majority, 61 percent of respondents, said they support a nationwide ban on assault rifles.

No! Take away the weapons from gangs and other criminals, not the honest citizens who need to protect themselves from the criminals.

Cathie Mars, Facebook user

Yes, those weapons being “fun” is not a reason to have them when they are capable of so much destruction so quickly.

David Wescott, Facebook user