BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — We are just five days away from the midterm primary election in California, and the spotlight is on election integrity.

County officials say they’re bracing for a wave of Kern residents who will be scrutinizing the process of counting votes and verifying ballot signatures on election night.

Election officials say their process is secure.

Workers process vote-by-mail ballots, scanning signatures with a machine before reviewing them by hand. Then, every ballot is fed into a machines that tabulates the votes. Security cameras watch the entire process before officials do a hand count of one percent of randomly-selected precincts.

Still, not everyone feels confident votes will be tallied fairly and accurately.

We want to know: Do you have confidence in the integrity of our elections system?

A slight majority, 54 percent of respondents, said they do not have confidence in the integrity of our elections system.

Absolutely not. There has already been enough fraud uncovered in multiple state during the 2020 elections that had it been disclosed before the election was certified, Donald Trump would still be President.

Tim Danforth, Facebook User

I have confidence when I go to vote in person and use a paper ballot.

Adam C. Lambert, Facebook user