BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Kern County has 51 ZIP codes. In 2021, every homicide in the county happened in less than half of them. Data from 17 News’ Homicide Tracker showed there were 136 confirmed homicides in only 21 ZIP codes in 2021.

The most homicides in a single zip code for the year was 36–more than double the second most. Those 36 homicides happened 93307, with 93304 coming in at 15.

Bakersfield City Manager Christian Clegg says about one-third of gun-related homicides are due to gang activity and for the most part are located in particular geographies.

Clegg said it’s also important to note that while homicides increased in 2021, Kern County’s population has increased as well.

“As we grow it makes sense to a certain extent that crime numbers go up with it,” Clegg said. “I think, per capita—Bakersfield is still a safe place to live.”

We asked: Do you feel safe living in Bakersfield?

With 619 votes, 81 percent said they do not think Bakersfield is a safe place to live while 19 percent said they do.

“Maybe certain areas might be safe but Bakersfield as a whole isn’t safe.”

Stephen Hoyt II, Facebook user

“I live in the 93306 area code and feel perfectly safe. I be sitting outside on my porch without a care in the world. Lived in my house for over 25 years never had an issue.”

Tierra Scott, Facebook user

“Didn’t feel safe. One reason why I left recently. That state has become one big cesspool of crime. I feel bad for the many good people still there.”

Patrick Champion, Facebook user