EDITOR’S NOTE: This story has been updated to clarify details about the procedure.

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Dr. Eric Peck, Dignity Health Memorial Hospital’s Cardiothoracic surgeon, and his surgical team have become the first in Bakersfield to perform open heart surgery using new technology that provides options for patients with weaker hearts, according to a release from Dignity Health.

Dr. Peck said the procedure is a minimally-invasive treatment alternative that enables a patient’s heart to rest and ultimately recover, improving the patient’s long term quality of life when compared to other therapy options.

The heart pump can be implanted by to options: The first includes an axillary approach where a rigid cannula in inserted through a vein, located underneath the patient’s right collarbone, which leads down towards the heart. Second option is known as the ‘ascending aorta approach’ which requires the patient’s chest to be cut open in order to fix the Impellla Connect pump into place, according to the release.

The pump is equipped with tiny sensors which give the surgical team updates in real-time about the patients status and the pumps effectiveness throughout the procedure. The Impellla Connect allows remote view of the device status and is designed for long term use.

Our cardiovascular surgeons at Memorial’s Sarvanand Heart and Brain Center are always searching for technology like the Impella 5.5 that can elevate care for our heart patients. Our goal is to ensure our community has access to the most advanced cardiac innovations and procedures right here at home.

President & CEO of Memorial Hospital, Ken Keller