BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Millions of Californians cast ballots in yesterday’s primary, but despite weeks of TV ads and voter pamphlets in the mail, voter turnout has been low for this election.

Though all the votes have yet to be counted, Kern County is reporting a 6.9% voter turnout, placing it among the counties with the lowest turnout for this year’s primaries. Early turnout was also disappointing across California.

Every registered voter in the state was mailed a ballot, but only 15% had gotten them to election officials by Monday night, according to consulting firm Political Data Intelligence.

We want to know: Did you vote in the primary election?

Yes, I exercise my right to vote. I feel everyone who can should.

Judy Waits Todd, Facebook user

Absolutely! Voted by mail and already received confirmation that my ballot was received and counted. For those who didn’t take the time to vote, don’t complain if you don’t like the outcome!

Bruce Hay, Facebook user