BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET)— It’s another day in northeast Bakersfield where street takeovers seem to be a weekly event even in broad daylight.

“I feel law enforcement’s hands are tied unless they can catch them in the act, said Homeowner Curtis Noble who lives nearby. “It’s just going to keep going on until they get caught or do some real damage to somebody,” Curtis Noble, a homeowner said.

Noble hosts the annual Haunt at Acacia Avenue and River Boulevard. It’s also where he’s captured screeching, crashing cars on his doorbell camera.

The latest footage shows multiple vehicles crashing into each other destruction derby-style.

Noble said he and his family are used to it.

“It seems like the same group of kids. They look like they’re 14, 15. They’ll just come through in two, or three stolen cars at a time about once a week. Driving crazy through the intersection here, and ramming into each other, sliding all over the place,” Noble said.

“It’s kinda been where we hear it and you just shrug your head cause what can you do? The police have shown up, but by the time they get here, it’s really nothing they can do in that time frame to catch them. Especially, being stolen cars. The license plate doesn’t do no good.”

Noble says it happens so much his family has had to adapt to the constant danger at the intersection of destruction and mayhem still showing signs of brodies and burnouts.

Noble says, “Just kind of make sure our kids aren’t playing out front, outside of the fenced yard, outside the brick wall.”

Noble says it takes place usually from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. at least once a week, every week and the victims are stacking up. Noble says, “I had somebody reach out whose car was in one of the videos, and she had pictures of them stealing her car at. It was a little after noon at the same day they were here smashing her car up.”