ROSAMOND, Calif. (KGET) — Desiree Thompson went missing in California City in 2012. A decade later her remains were found at a Cal City home, but now she is back home with her family.

Early this week the Kern County Coroner formally confirmed those remains did in fact belong to Desiree Thompson. Her mother, Sheri Smith, had hoped this wasn’t the way Desiree would come home.

“To not have my daughter for 10 years and not know where she was it is devastating,” said Smith.

The search for Desiree Thompson ended in March when her remains were found buried in the backyard of a Cal City home once rented by a man with no connection to Desiree.

10 years of prayer and desire to hug Desiree once again were answered just 3 months after her remains were found. Except Desiree came home to her mother and 4 kids in a shiny red urn.

“It was beautiful,” said Smith. “It was beautiful, it was relieving because now I was able to bring her home with me.”

But the pain, suffering, and longing that Sheri bottled up in the past decade are now spilling over.

“Pain and relief at the same time,” said Smith. “Every time I touch her, it brings those emotions because that is the only way I can hold her now.”

As one long journey ends for Desiree’s family, another battle in the courts begins.

“I know she is there, but she shouldn’t be there, she should be with us,” said Smith. “I will fight to the end so that this person does not see the light of day again.”

60-year-old Jose William Lara was arrested in March and is facing charges of murder in connection to her death, to which Lara pleaded not guilty.

“10 years of being buried in the ground of someone’s backyard,” said Smith. “She deserves a proper sendoff.”

Sheri Smith and her family have set up a GoFundMe to raise funds for a proper celebration of life for Desiree, hoping to have that for September to mark what would have been Desiree’s 41st birthday.

You can donate by clicking here.