LOS ANGELES (KGET) — Bakersfield’s Tracy Dominguez is calling for reform of the Medical Board of California.

Domnguez lost her daughter, Demi Dominguez and premature grandson Malakhi in 2019, due to Demi’s undiagnosed pre-eclampsia.

Tracy Dominguez and other family members filed a wrongful death lawsuit claiming her doctors are responsible for their deaths. During a Consumer Watchdog press conference on Thursday, Tracy Dominguez and the families of other victims shared their stories.

“We need consumer input in the enforcement process,” Dominguez said. “The medical board must contact the patient after patient interview to seek our input. It would have made a difference in my case.”

Tracy Dominguez is also expected to participate at the Senate Business and Professions Oversight Hearing of the medical board on Friday.