DELANO, Calif. (KGET) – The storm has not only affected the Kern River Valley but also neighboring towns north of Bakersfield. Residents there have been preparing throughout the day for more flooding.

Tension is still high in Delano, Wasco and McFarland as these communities have battled their own flood problems. Even though the flood waters have receded for now the communities are still worried about today’s storm.

McFarland residents are preparing for another blast of heavy rain by layering the outside of their homes with sandbags.

Some residents in the neighborhood told 17 News the flood water on Saturday reached their gates and if wasn’t for the sandbags provided by the city that the water would have gotten inside.

“We are worried about the heavy rain, but we are more worried about the traffic, because the looky-loos who come, are putting us at risk because they come to splash water onto our homes,” Maria Teresa Figueroa a McFarland homeowner said. “I think they need to be more cautious when they come to look or they better stay home.”

It wasn’t just McFarland but also Wasco and Delano also have seen some major flooding. Groups of people came to get sand near the Pond Road and Highway 45 intersection.

Salvador Solorio the Vice Mayor of Delano says they’ve seen flooding around all the cities nearby Delano and says there is help available even though no one’s used it just yet.

“We have not had anyone come in to get services but either way that’s not the point,” Solorio said. “The point is that we have accessibility to the community. If you’re home is flooded you have a place to stay here.”

The Red Cross is working with the City of Delano and set up its own operation at the 11th Avenue Community Center.

“We provide medical care and shelter and food for everyone at the facility,” Emma Empey the Delano Red Cross shelter supervisor said.