BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The Delano City Council tabled a review on a proposal for rent control Monday, despite growing calls from angry residents.

“Rent control is one piece of the puzzle and you are continuing to stall this possibility, so we can’t even move forward united as one because we’re not having a fair discussion. Ya’lls report came out Friday, like it took two days to read that, it was over 40 pages,” one resident said.

“Ya’ll this is not the first time they do this, this is a strategy,” the resident added.

According to housing advocates, the average rent for an apartment in Delano is $1,400 a month, adding high rent prices within the Delano community will force families and neighbors out of their homes without legal protections.

Developers have refused to build more affordable units, according to housing advocates.

Council members say they will review the rent control proposal next month.